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Many students move every year and some even move more than once every year. Whether you are going to school or heading back home for the summer, the right student moving agency makes all the difference. If you are a student and you want to move and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, call us and we will give you an affordable quote for your moving.

Our professional moving service takes the moving stress away from the students. Moving alfa offers student moving discounts in Montreal and long distance moves to other cities such as Toronto and Quebec.

You don’t have to get stressed because you are operating on a tight budget. Instead, hire us, we are a reliable moving company and we understand; you will find our last-minute moving service in Montreal special.

How to Save on Your Moving Costs
Students can reserve one move for the same day; this allows students to share their moving costs. Our experienced mover/driver will help you plan the move and how to arrange your belongings in the truck. This service saves you 50% compared to traditional moving.

Why Choose Us?
Moving alfa  is a moving service company that aims to take the stress away from moving by offering the following services:

• Low cost moving; we provide quality moving services in Montreal and long distance relocation. With our flat rate moving service, you don’t have to spend extra cash. Call us and get an ideal quote for your moving. We have streamlined our services to become a budget moving company; this has enabled us to give discounts to help students move in and around Montreal. We know that students run on a tight budget; this service ensures that you don’t have to dig deep into your pockets.

• Discounts; we offer discounts to students who reserve a move two-three weeks before their moving date.

• Experienced Movers; our moving truck is operated by an experienced driver and mover and has all the necessary moving equipment including straps, boxes, mattress bags and many more. Our movers are experienced and will give you the best moving advice and tips. Our moving method is easy and fast compared to traditional moving.

• Safe summer storage for students; reputable moving companies offer the best storage for their clients. If you are going for a summer vacation or attending a student exchange program, you need not worry. You can move your stuff to our storage facility for safe and secure keeping for a few months. Even if it’s a last-minute move, we will keep your stuff to help you save money.

There are many moving transportation companies but we understand that you need to find moving company that takes care of your unique moving needs. You don’t have to pack in a hurry as you’ll only end up breaking, misplacing and losing your goods. Our movers have the knowledge to handle every unique move in a safe and efficient way. Our service makes burdensome moves look extremely easy especially when time is not on your side. Take advantage of our moving service and watch as we take care of everything.

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Moving Services Montreal
Moving Services Montreal
Moving Services Montreal
Moving Services Montreal