• Helpful Moving Tips

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    Proper planning ensures a smooth and efficient move. The following are some helpful moving tips that will help out in saving time and money.
    Pack all your delicate stuff in separate boxes and transport them by your personal car i.e. mirrors, paintings, vases etc. packing them separately enables the movers to same time.
    Bundle all your loose items together i.e. curtain rods, brooms etc.
    Do not make your boxes so heavy that the bottoms fall out or they are too heavy to lift. For example:
    Large boxes should hold heavier items
    Medium-sized boxes should hold the bulkier items
    Smaller boxes should hold the household items
    Pack the pictures and mirrors in a picture box
    Fill up the empty suitcases
    Parking, you should reserve the parking and the area should be close to the entrance.
    Elevators, reserve the elevators so that no other moving company is using it.

  • How to Pick an Ideal Montreal Moving Company

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    There are many moving companies in Montreal. A Montreal moving company can come in different sizes and shapes. Hiring an ideal Montreal mover is a must and to find the best one, you should get in contact with at least three movers in Montreal for quotes. You should also verify whether the mover is licensed with the Quebec Transportation Commission. Also check if the mover is insured for cargo and damage; also check the clients they have moved in the past thirty days or so. Most notably, make sure that you are comfortable and confident before you hire a specific moving company. Before you pick your mover, probe further to know the following:

  • The Complete Moving Checklist

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    Moving can be a stressful affair. Weeks before the moving date, people make a huge checking list that consists of; the moving company to hire, things to move, pack, sell and every little detail that is relevant to the big day. The following is a checklist of tasks that must be completed before the big day for a smooth sailing move.

  • Moving in Spring Time, Here’s What You Should Know

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    Most people have experienced major delays while moving during the high season. This is the time when most people have scheduled to move and this introduces challenges such as high costs, lacking an available mover and parking etc.

    Are you planning to move into a new office space or home? The following are some of the reasons you should move during spring time.

  • Moving Long Distance? Here are Some Helpful Tips

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    Long distance moves call for great concern and everything must be handled effectively during the trip. For a long distance move, you should make sure that you gather every piece of information that would be helpful during the trip.

    When Moving Within Your Country of Residence
    For long distance moving, it is vital to keep your stuff packed for easy access. Boxes should have easy to read labels as this translates to stress-free and easy unloading. After unloading, you should keep all your belongings separate for easy and quick identification and access. Because long distance moves are unpredictable, it is important to insure your belongings. There are unavoidable dangers during long distance moving and insurance helps to ease the stress.

  • Peak Season Moving

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    Moving at some stage in the peak season can be a hectic affair. However, most people don’t know that there are things that they can do for a simpler move. The only thing you have to do is to know the nitty-gritty of moving and everything will pan out.

    Know the Moving Peak Season

    The high moving season comes in the months of spring and summer. Also, some days of the week are busier; by avoiding the busy days, your move can be faster. Thursdays and Fridays are the much busier days for moving as well as the final week of the month. One way to make moving easy for you is by setting your moving date anywhere between Saturday through Wednesday. You can also set the big day on any of the first 3 weeks of the month. Local movers will handle your move with ease during off-peak times making the move more affordable for you.

  • Proper Preparation for a Move

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    To have a smooth sailing move, you should make sure that you have an adequate amount of moving supplies such as bubble wraps, packing tapes, bags, boxes etc. Many movers in Montreal advise their clients to pack their stuff in boxes of identical shape and sizes. Packing in identical boxes saves moving time because you don’t have to make unnecessary movements from the house to the truck. The easy to handle boxes are the size 2 or 3.1 cubic feet boxes. Also, you should dismantle your furniture earlier than the moving date to save time.